Letters to Heaven - Paperback and Hardcover Available

Letters to Heaven - Paperback and Hardcover Available

Ken Horn

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Written by local author, Ken Horn. Letters to Heaven is the story of a Grandfather's love, loss, and rediscovered Faith.


"It was a summer of content. Three generations of family in one household. The escapades of two very rambunctious grandkids caught the hearts of friends and neighbors, here in Michigan, as they followed the stories of Liam and Zellie on social media.


Until the day we lost our precious two-year-old Zellie. Opa's little girl. The world crashed down on my shoulders so hard; it drove me to my knees. I had choices to make: to look up or look away. I looked up.


I thought I knew God, and I tried to bargain with Him. Nothing seemed to work. Answers I received though helped me form a letter, which I sent directly to God. After that - I wrote directly to Zellie. These are Letters to Heaven.


With these letters, I shared the horrible pain our family was going through. Friends and family responded to the raw view of pain and prayers they read about. There was no getting around the emotions of that stinging loss, but we all began healing at about the same time.


From that agonizing moment to this day, I find God sending people our way to help us on our life's journey together. He also sent us quick glimpses into Heaven, which you'll read about in this book.


I learned the hard way that the pain never goes away. And it may sound strange to say, but you don't want it to because that means forgetting. Determined not to forget my beautiful Zellie's face, or the way she wiggled when she laughed, I chose to remember. And the pain I merely survived.


This story will take you through a grandfather's love, loss, and a rediscovery of faith. With that faith, hope emerged -- the hope of seeing Zellie again in Heaven. Because, trust me, Heaven is real. Really real."

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